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Get Ready for Grade 3 Standardized Tests

Get Ready For Standardized Tests: Grade 3

Grade 3

A+ Math - Addition, Subtraction, Flash Card Creator, Home Worksheets, Games

AAA Math Third Grade - Hundreds of pages of Basic Math Skills. Interactive Practice on every page. An Explanation of the math topic on each page. Several Challenge Games on every page. Math Problems are randomly created.

Create and Use New Words - One or two player game created for you by Harcourt Schools. Shockwave Plug-In is required to play.

Disaster Kitchen - Find 13 safety hazards in Disaster Kitchen. Shockwave Plug-In is required to play. Harcourt Schools.

Education 4 Kids - Sponsored by: Hooked on Phonics - Drill games include: Math, Social Studies, Language, Science

English-Zone (Grammar) - This outstanding web site provides visitors with engaging, entertaining, yet educational activities, language lessons and interactive language exercises. It also provides teacher's of English easy to use printable worksheets suitable as handouts, quizzes or language lessons.

FunBrain - Age 8 - Math, Read Music, Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, Pairs, Clocks, Series of Numbers, Alphabet

FunBrain - Age 9 - Math, Read Music, American Sign Language, Reading, Grammar, Pairs, Rainforest Terminology, Read Numbers, Spell Numbers, Verbs, Plurals, Vocabulary.

FunSchool.com  Funschool recently updated their site - parents this site is a must see for both fun and educational material. 

Jefferson LabGrade 3 teachers will find this web site created by Jefferson Labs a wonderful resource to prepare students for the Standard of Learning tests.  Subjects: Science and Math.

Math: Greater or Lesser Than - Students find the correct number series 'greater or lesser than' to answer the test question. Multiple choice. The test format resembles the Virginia Standard of Learning test.

Math On-Line Test: TAAS/Harcourt. Consists of 44 questions includes graphs and money counting. (Texas Department of Education)
Money Counts - Learn how to count money.  Use the score and timer to challenge two or more students in the computer lab.  Great exercise!

Proofreading Makes Perfect - Correcting mistakes in grammar, spelling, usage, and punctuation will make your writing easier to read. Excellent tool to help prepare students for the Virginia Standard of Learning test. Harcourt Schools.

Grammar Gold - Students learn to identify Simple and Compound sentences, Possessive Nouns, Irregular Verbs and Easily Confused Words. Harcourt Schools.

Read Story and Answer Questions - This test comes to us from Texas Department of Education. 

Read Story and Answer Questions - Grade 3 and Grade 5 teachers will find this web site created by Harcourt School a valuable resource when preparing students for Reading Comprehension. The format is similar to what students can expect to see on the Virginia Standard of Learning tests. The Shockwave Plug-In is required to play.

Spelling Check and Word Builder - Word Builder pronounces the word to be correctly assembled by dragging each letter to the appropriate box. Click the chicken to see if the word is correctly spelled.

Tell the Time - Set the hands of the clock and the bell will ring!  Cute!  The Shockwave Plug-In is required to play.

Water Cycle - Tests students knowledge of water cycle. This test has been created by Tabb Elementary School.

Willy the Watchdog - Learn how to tell time in the fun game for two.  Shockwave required. Harcourt School Publishers.

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