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Study Power Workbook: Exercises in Study

Study Power Workbook: Exercises in Study

Grade 9

Reading: TAAS/Harcourt. Consists of 33 questions. (Texas Department of Education)

Math: TAAS/Harcourt. Consists of 52 questions. (Texas Department of Education)

Cell Biology
studying cells, mitosis, meiosis, the cell cycle, prokaryotes, eukaryotes, & viruses. (Spanish version available)

The Cell Cycle & Mitosis Tutorial
This exercise is designed to introduce you to the events that occur in the cell cycle and the process of mitosis that divides the duplicated genetic material creating two identical daughter cells.

Chemicals & Human Health
basic toxicology, lung toxicology, environmental tobacco smoke & lung development, kidneys & metals

Developmental Biology
developmental mechanisms

Human Biology
DNA forensics, karyotyping, genetics, blood types, reproduction, sexually transmitted diseases

HIV, the ELISA assay, Western blotting analysis

Cool Math - Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry, Fractal Gallery, Challenging Games

Hines Middle School - Currently, only 8th grade mathematics and 8th grade technology tests are available, but more may come soon. This web site has been created by Mr. James Maxlow. (Remember to always review what you learned last school year.)

S.O.S. Mathematics - Algebra - CyberExam is a place for students to take practice tests, midterm exams, final exams, quizzes, projects, etc.

Chemistry Help On-Line - An interactive learning tool designed to supplement any first year high school chemistry course. 

The Chem Team - The ChemTeam provides study resources in all standard topics for students in high school and Advanced Placement chemistry.

Center for Polymer Studies - Devoted to interdisciplinary research in aspects of polymer, random, and fractal systems and we utilize our expertise in this area to develop experimental and computational materials for high school and undergraduate education

Takalah's AP Chem Home Page - Warning: This site will force you to learn. Any consequence resulting from learning chemistry from this site will not be the result of this site, but because you are intelligent and can learn yourself. You have been forewarned.

The Catalyst Chemistry - This site has been developed specifically for the secondary education/high school level teacher, as a resource for finding relevant information for use in the teaching of chemistry.

Language and Culture - This outstanding web site includes grammar games, quizzes, languages of the world (20 +) and much more.  Great choice for foreign language students.

French for all at all Levels - This site has been designed and created by Mr. B. Dyer, a French teacher at Beal High School, Ilford, London It has been approved for use by The National Grid for Learning.

German for Beginners - A free online German course.

English-Zone (Grammar) - This outstanding web site provides visitors with engaging, entertaining, yet educational activities, language lessons and interactive language exercises. It also provides teacher's of English easy to use printable worksheets suitable as handouts, quizzes or language lessons.

FunBrain - Suggested Age 15 - Includes games and practice drills for National Capitals, Presidents, Flags, Spell Elements, Cells Terminology, Spelling and Idioms.

FunBrain - Suggested Age 16 - Includes games and practice drills for National Capitals, Scientist and Mathematicians, Uncommon Elements, Composers, Studio Recording, Geology, Hard Constellations, Uncommon Nations, Organic Chemistry and Light-216 Colors

FunBrain - Suggested Age 17 - Includes games and practice drills for Scientist and Mathematicians, Spell Elements and Series of Numbers.

Guide to Grammar and Writing - Wonderful web site!! Maintained by Professor of English Charles Darling for English courses at Capital Community College and for the general online public. On-line quizzes are also available.

Government in America - Government in America frames its content with a public policy approach to government in the United States, asking students to consider the question, "What difference does politics make to the policies governments produce?" This focus engages students' interest and stimulates consideration of important aspects of governing.

U.S. History Quizzes - Each quiz is composed of 10-12 multiple choice questions to test your knowledge of the major topics of study in A. P. American History.


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